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National South Dakota Day

Every year, on April 26, people celebrate National South Dakota Day. This special day honors South Dakota, the 40th state to join the United States.

It’s a time to appreciate the state’s stunning nature, from lush forests to vast valleys. The goal is to bring more visitors to this often-overlooked but beautiful state.

National South Dakota Day is important for several reasons. It shines a light on the state’s unique landscapes and historical sites.

South Dakota is famous for attractions like Mount Rushmore but offers much more. Celebrating this day encourages people to explore all parts of the state.

This day also promotes South Dakota’s cultural heritage and outdoor activities. From hiking in the Black Hills to visiting historical landmarks, there’s a lot to do.

It’s a day for both residents and tourists to discover and enjoy South Dakota’s treasures.

History of National South Dakota Day

National South Dakota Day started in 2017. The National Day Calendar was created to honor each state in the order in which they joined the Union.

South Dakota was the 40th state to join, so they dedicated a day to celebrate it. This day focuses on South Dakota’s diverse culture and history. It highlights the beauty and heritage of the state every year on April 26.

The idea was to draw attention to states that might not always be in the spotlight. South Dakota, with its stunning landscapes and rich history, was a perfect candidate. The day encourages people to learn more about what makes South Dakota special.

This celebration is part of a larger effort to appreciate all parts of our nation. By setting aside a day for South Dakota, we remember the state’s contributions to America’s story.

It’s a chance to celebrate South Dakota’s unique identity within the United States.

How to Celebrate National South Dakota Day

Dine Dakota Style

Grab a fork and dive into South Dakota’s signature dishes. Bison burgers, anyone? Or how about a slice of kuchen, the state dessert? Taste-testing local cuisine is a fun, delicious way to honor the day.

Take a Virtual Tour

Not everyone can visit South Dakota in person. That’s what the internet is for! Explore virtual tours of places like Mount Rushmore. It’s a comfy, no-shoes-required adventure.

Movie Night, Mount Rushmore Edition

Queue-up films that feature South Dakota’s scenic beauty. Think “North by Northwest” for a classic thrill or documentaries about the state. Popcorn and a movie can be a cozy way to celebrate.

Art from the Heart

Feeling creative? Craft your own South Dakota-inspired art. Paint a landscape, sculpt a mini Mount Rushmore, or sketch the state animal, the coyote. It’s a great way to get the whole family involved.

Read Up

Curl up with a book about South Dakota’s rich history or stunning landscapes. Whether it’s a historical account or a travel guide, reading is a great way to explore the state mentally.

Share the Love

Post your favorite facts or photos of South Dakota on social media. Use hashtags like #NationalSouthDakotaDay to spread the word. It’s a digital way to share the state’s beauty with the world.


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